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We strive to find employment that matches each
person’s interests and abilities. Practical, hands-on,
real work experience that includes production and
attendance goals while you earn a paycheck.

Facility-Based Work and Skills Training
Learn work and daily living skills while earning a
paycheck in our work training center.

Open Avenues offers the industrial community of
Northwest Arkansas an alternative work force for
their off-line production needs

Capable People. Quality Work

"We package our product in several different ways to meet various customers’ requirements ----some of which have very exacting standards. Quality control is a critical factor for us and we have never had a serious issue working with Open Avenues. Open Avenues does an excellent job of fulfilling each order on time and to our customer’s specification --- no matter how large or small. We could not be more pleased with the service they provide our company and we are proud to be a part of the service they provide to the community.”
--Darren Novotny, Ring Snuggies

Here are some (but not all) of the types of production that Open Avenues can provide:
• Collating
• Custom packaging
• Shrink wrapping
• Blister sealing
• Assembly
• Disassembly
• Labeling
• Mailing Operations
• Reclamation
• Much, much more

Business and Industrial Partners who outsource work to Open Avenues:
Arkie Lures
FM Corporation
The Coacher Company
Bentonville Chamber of Commerce
General Mills
The Roark Group, Inc.
Bentonville Parks & Recreation
Hart Tackle
The Whistler Group
Colby Valve
Jotto Desk
Tyson Foods
Creative Awards, Inc.
Walmart 6094
Cumberland Products
Rogers/Lowell Chamber of Commerce
Walmart Print Solutions
Springdale Acoustics/Ring Snuggies
Walmart Reverse Logistics

Pre-Vocational Day Services

Instruction focused on daily living, socialization,
and self-help skills. Plus the development of
abilities needed to prepare for the work

Board of Directors
Larry Thompson, President
Trent Rogers, Vice-President
Shannon Barry, Treasurer
Courtney Norton, Secretary
Michael Byron
Matthew Carter
Jim Corbett
Bert Edens
Shelby Heflin
Eric Howerton
Amy Jamison-Casas
Justin Purkey
Josh Saffran
Sandy Steinmetz
Malia Stratton

For Information about facility-based programs contact:
Wayne Reed
Program Coordinator

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