Opening avenues of opportunity for people with disabilities by facilitating personal growth and attainment of vocational goals.


All people with disabilities are respected for their unique contributions to the community.



COVID-19 Update (11/17/20)
Open Avenues will reopen to participants on Wednesday, Nov. 18. We have sanitized our buidling and are ready with as clean and safe of an environment as possible following last week's positive COVID-19 case. As always, please don't come to work if you are feeling sick or have been exposed to someone who has test positive for COVID, Reminder: The Pea Ridge bus will not run this week. 

Public Notice (10/29/20)
Public notice is hereby given the 29th day of October 2020 that the Adult Development Center of Benton County, Inc. DBA Open Avenues of Rogers Arkansas has made application for funds through Section 49 U.S.C. Section 5310 for the purchase of the following type of passenger vehicles: One Medium Cutaway Bus, 16 Ambulatory, 2 Wheelchair Capacity, and One Medium Cutaway Bus 12 Ambulatory, 2 Wheelchair Capacity.
Purchase of the above vehicles is considered essential to the efficient operation of this organization to provide public transportation services to persons with disabilities.  There is no intent to infringe upon, or compete with, existing public or private transit operators, including Section 5307, Urban Public Transit Operators, and Section 5311 Rural Public Transit Operators.
These vehicles will be used primarily for transporting clients in our service area to and from Open Avenues daily and for other Open Avenues business.
Any objection should be submitted in writing only to persons listed below.  All comments will become part of this organization’s application and will be a matter of public record.  All written comments must be submitted within 30 days of the date of this notice.  Any person wishing to request a public hearing on the proposed project must submit a request in writing within 10 days of the date of this notice to the persons listed below:
Brenda Neal, Executive Director, PO Box 908, Rogers AR 72757
Mr Greg Nathion, Public Transportation Administator, Public Transportations Office, AR State Highway and Transportation Department, PO Box 2261, Little Rock AR 72203-2261




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