Our Clients

Open Avenues provides services to adults, 16 years and older who have a diagnosed disability.

We believe that each person, regardless of disability, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We celebrate the worth and uniqueness of each person and strive to deliver our services with patience and compassion. We specialize in providing each person the opportunity to be a more productive member of society and to achieve his or her full human potential.

Would you like to work at Open Avenues? Contact Elizabeth Duncan

Open Avenues Staff

Brenda Neal, Executive Director
Elizabeth Duncan - Resource Director
Eddie Duncan - Job Placement / Procurement Officer
Jeff Hairston - Work Center Manager
Wayne Reed - Program Coordinator
Kelli McWhirt  - Special Events Manager
At Open Avenues, we would love to have you visit our facility to see the range of work our clients can do for you!

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